What was the profession
   skills or abilities u / do work
Personality / characteristics of a competent person: skills, power (motivation), authority (authority), knowledge, skill, and so on. U / work required.
Rational Performance interchangeable achieve the objectives satisfactorily on the basis of expected conditions
Profession is the work / activities carried out by someone and become a source of life that requires skill, finesse, skill comply with quality standards / norms certain and through higher education
Competence of a teacher in the
• Developing student personality
• Mastering the educational foundation
• Mastering teaching materials
• Develop teaching programs
• Implement teaching program
• Assessing the results and the learning process
• Conducting guidance
• Organize school administration
• Interact with peers / society
Carry out simple research
The characteristics of professional teachers
 Has a commitment to student / learning process. The highest commitment of teachers = students
 Mastering deep scr substance / material being taught and how to teach it to students
 Responsible for monitoring student learning outcomes via a variety of evaluation techniques (observation t.l. student s / d achievement test)
 Able to think systematically about everything he does and learn from penglamannya (good-bad or wrong really impact on student learning)
 The teacher is part of a learning community within the profession (PGRI).
     (Dedi supriadi, 1998: 98)  DOWNLOAD