Short Speech in 2016 National Teacher Day
Letter to Mother and Teacher
Mother and Teacher Gentlemen and Gentlemen,
Best wishes for Mother and Teacher healthy, happy, and full of enthusiasm when this letter find Mom and Dad. Along with the Teacher's Day, on behalf of the government, I express my gratitude to Mother and Teacher of all who have a noble task and serve with heart and wholeheartedly. and my heart iklas convey the respect, gratitude, and pride in the dedication Mother and gentlemen.
A teacher is a sacrifice. Being a teacher is a vocation. Mother and Teacher has a respectable way, choosing present with our children, together with the owner of the future Indonesia. Mother and Teacher have represented us all prepare for the future of Indonesia. Representing the entire nation is present in the classroom, on the field, even partly to serve with rudimentary facilities for the sake of enlightening and create a better future for our children. I want to underline that the preparation of the future of the nation of Indonesia is entrusted to the Mother and Teacher.
We realize there are many government responsibility on teachers who have not fulfilled completely. We must admit that this nation has placed teacher as they should. Teachers have the role of a very noble and very strategic. I believe that the way we treat teachers these days is the mirror the way we treat the preparation of the future of this nation. We must change ourselves, we should exalt and honor teachers. Government at all levels should put teachers with the best and completely fulfill all obligations for teachers. Homework government, at all levels are still many, ranging from employment status, welfare and other matters related to teachers must be completed.
Thus, behind all the existing problems, education should still run well. On the shoulders of Teachers, Teachers and Education Personnel, there is the face of our future. Every day Mother and Teacher meet face of the future of Indonesia, and in the classrooms that children are getting not only to meet but also to win the future.
The days before the class would suck energy. Children who are demanding attention. Master's work is piling up. There are still many classrooms are inadequate, study facilities were rudimentary, or the temperature is not always friendly, the mother and father of a teacher who I respect, keep coming soon with a smile; armed with mercy, ye out to meet the nation's children with affection; hadirlah with liver and heart.
We are all aware that education is a fundamental and key initiative for us to develop the nation. Great potential in the Republic will be developed if human terkembangkan and awaken. Human quality is the upstream progress and education is one of the most important elements in improving the quality of human beings.
On this occasion I invite all of us to look at education not purely state affairs, government affairs. Without prejudice to the role of the state, because the state still must complete responsibility unresolved and improve their performance, I invite all citizens to join the Indonesian nation to work together for the future of Indonesia better. Yes, constitutionally educating is the responsibility of the state, but morally educating is the responsibility of every educated person.
I invite all people, let's get involved by helping schools, teachers, the school, study hall, and learning garden. We engaged to promote the advancement of education. For that, the teacher, principal, and Workforce let us open the door wide. We invite and space to community members to get involved, to think and act for the betterment of our education.
Thus, the entire Master, Teacher and Education Personnel, I convey, on behalf of the government, I thank you. on this noble we must continue. A moment later, Mother and Teacher can reflect on what has been undertaken while grateful that at a time when Indonesia is transforming his face into a better, cleaner, more honest, more intelligent, more creative, and more iklas ,. "Greetings fight muliyanya task, and Happy Teacher's Day