To obtain PMP application version 1.5, PMP Updater 1.5, and Manual / Manual SIM PMP, you can download web pages on the sub-menu PMP application.

The technical procedures for the installation and renewal applications are as follows:

Installation using PMP Installer version 1.5
1. Download the PMP Application Installer version 1.5 (the latest version)
2. Download the Updater PMP version 1.4 to 1.5 (the latest version)
3. Backup Data PMP that has been inputted (skip this step if you have not started to input data)
4. Clean the PMP folder in C: / Program Files
5. Install Updater Dapodik 2016b
6. Install the PMP application version 1.5
7. Launch Application or refresh your browser by pressing Ctrl + F5

Installation using the Updater PMP version 1.5